Bob: It’s entering Week 3 of the Bounty Hunter Cup, Jim, and the Blood Bowl pitches are quickly changing color! The snow is falling, and the normally green and red grass is changing to white and red.

Jim: Right you are, Bob, and we all know what that means…

The Week 2 Recap!

  • The Heavy Plate Punishers and Mighty Marvels had at it, smashing each other into a bloody Pulp. The Marvels came out on Top with a 2-1 victory, but both teams felt the blows this day.
  • The Lunar Lizards and the Isengard Swim Team got it on this week, and what a match! The Swim Team had a commanding lead of 3-1 throughout the game until an unfortunate turn of events allowed a Lunar skink to tie everything up with an exceptional Touchdown. the game ended in a 3-3 tie.
  • The Isengard Swim Team also faced off against the Git Grinderz this week, who lost to the Grinderz 1-0. A tough match was fought, and a valiant attempt at tying the game was made by the IST, but unfortunately, the Swim Team’s Blitzer failed to run properly, tripping on his own boot and failing to make the touchdown.
  • Marvels and the Changers of Fate went as expected, with the Marvels coming out on top. The Marvels took out the Minotaur early and were key to their success. Needless to say, Frank killed a guy.

Week 3 is upon us, and the notorious players are only becoming more notorious. With that, there has also been a small change to the rules.

It is under an assumption that players love the new play card decks and all of the crazy shenanigans that come with them, but it is also becoming apparent that some cards are a lot more powerful than others. Because of this, a move to limit the power and diversify the play cards has been put into order.

New Special Play Cards Rule:

  • When selecting special play cards, you may only take a maximum of one (1) card from each play deck being used. In the case that coaches are only using the two starter decks, instead of “draw X, keep X-1,” you will “draw X cards, keep X cards,” with a max of one (1) being taken from Miscellaneous Mayhem, and the rest from Random Events.

Get in on the action before its too late, and make a break for some amazing prizes at the end of the season!